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Iridium to supply two-way MSS

SkyBitz and Iridium Communications Inc announce a strategic partnership that will position Iridium as the first-ever provider of two-way global mobile satellite services (MSS) for SkyBitz. Through this partnership, the companies are developing a two-way, remote asset tracking and monitoring system through integration of SkyBitz Global Locating System (GLS) technology with the recently announced Iridium 9602 satellite data transceiver.

This new Iridium-based SkyBitz system will feature lower power consumption and a longer battery life. It will be built around the Iridium 9602, a small, lightweight, low-cost transceiver that enables the global, two-way satellite links for low-latency, real-time data transmission. By integrating SkyBitz GLS technology with the Iridium 9602, the companies will create an open architecture and scalable platform that is not restricted to custom mobile terminal hardware.

The new system that SkyBitz and Iridium are building is ideal for markets such as trailer tracking, oil, gas, chemical, rail, cargo shipping, and government, where there are requirements for intelligent sensor systems and power-efficient, two-way communications to deliver insights on assets. In addition, these markets require continuous, global in-transit visibility from origin to final destination.

The two companies have already co-developed system prototypes and conducted testing. Upon the new system's commercial availability, SkyBitz plans to offer this as part of its suite of GLS systems to its customers for asset tracking needs in the United States and abroad.

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