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Interplastic awards contract to DistTech

The Thermoset Resins Division of Interplastic has awarded the dedicated contract carriage contract for three of its locations to Newbury OH-based Distribution Technologies Inc(DistTech).

DistTech is now directing all fleet transportation activities for Interplastic in Hawthorne CA, Kent WA, and Pryor OK, including shipment planning and scheduling and delivery confirmation. DistTech is also measuring and tracking Interplastic's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including on-time pick-ups and deliveries and delivered cost per pound.

Dedicated drivers operate specialized single- and multi-compartment trailers to transport raw materials to the three Interplastic facilities as well as finished product to customers throughout the continental United States. DistTech also employs Qualcomm's OmniTRACS mobile communications system, which allows its drivers to send Interplastic an immediate delivery confirmation for every shipment via an Enhanced Display Unit (EDU). DistTech can pinpoint the location of any truck in its fleet using OmniTRACS so that Interplastic always knows the status of every shipment.

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