International uses DataStage

Ascential Software Corp has announced that International Truck and Engine Corp has deployed Ascential DataStage. Using Ascential's enterprise data integration software, International created and deployed a Key Business Indicator (KBI) portal that provides managers with near-zero-latency, consolidated information on company performance. The KBI portal provides information about order status, budgets, suppliers, employees, dealers, and more than 100 other performance metrics.

International is using Ascential DataStage to transform data from a variety of International systems into a consistent format and load it into International's IBM Informix enterprise data warehouse. The warehouse feeds a business intelligence portal application that provides more than 450 employees with customized sets of key business indicators at a glance.

Ascential DataStage is part of the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite, which combines Ascential's systems for data profiling, quality, and transformation on a shared platform of software services for unlimited scalability via parallel processing, management of meta data, any-to-any connectivity, and real-time data integration.

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