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Intermodal growth defies weak economy

In the latest edition of Intermodal Market Trends & Statistics, the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) reported a 4.4% gain in intermodal volume for second-quarter 2003 over second-quarter 2002. Countering weak United States and Canadian economies, second-quarter 2003 marks the fifth consecutive quarterly gain of intermodal volume.

Trailer activity dipped .4 % over 2002 figures, while domestic container growth increased 4.6%. International volume led growth again, with ISO container volumes up 11%; western Canada was the international growth leader, posting a gain in volume of 21%.

While six of the seven largest intermodal volume corridors showed increased bidirectional growth compared with second-quarter 2002, all grew more slowly than in first-quarter 2003. Traffic grew in all key corridors except the South east-Midwest, which showed a 1.5% decline. The two greatest corridor volume gains over second-quarter 2002 came from the Midwest-Northwest corridor (up 16.2%) and the South Central-Southwest corridor (up 11.3%).

Compared with second-quarter 2002, intermodal marketing company results for second-quarter 2003 were mixed, with total loads down .1% while total revenue increased 5.4%. Comparisons with first-quarter 2003 figures show total loads up 2.5% with a 5% rise in revenues.

To obtain a sample copy of Intermodal Market Trends & Statistics, phone 301-982-3400, ext 10, or visit the IANA web site at and click on “Publications.”

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