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InterBlend filtration media holds, removes more dirt

Baldwin Filters offers InterBlend, a new high-performance filtration media. InterBlend is formed with both cellulose and multi-layered, melt-blown polyester-synthetic fibers. This combination capitalizes on the strength of each material to increase both contaminant removal efficiency and dirt-holding capacity.

InterBlend media consists of precisely formed synthetic fibers, which are layered, then adhered to a cellulose base sheet for improved structural integrity. The composite layers create a media construction that allows for more efficient contaminant removal, while minimizing flow restriction. This allows the media to maximize dirt-holding capacity and filtration efficiency while preventing premature plugging of the filter.

Laboratory tests, performed per Cummins Engineering Standard #14223, show that Baldwin Filters' BF1259 with Interblend has a capacity 36% greater than the Cummins minimum specification.

For additional information, contact Baldwin, 4400 E Hwy 30, Kearney NE 68848.

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