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IMTT selects BEA for storage management

BEA Systems Inc has announced that International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT) has built its Bulk Liquid Information System (BLIS) on BEA WebLogic Server to track the movement and storage of bulk liquids and manage order entry and facilities scheduling.

One of the largest providers of bulk liquid handling in North America, IMTT has tank terminals along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes. It handles chemicals, edible products such as oils and fats, and petroleum. Before deploying the BLIS on BEA WebLogic Server, IMTT used a combination of four applications and several manual processes to track receipt and movement of liquid, schedule facilities, and enter orders and work requests. By implementing BLIS, the company consolidated those functions in one Web-based application, reducing IT costs, enhancing worker productivity, and improving forecasting and planning by improving visibility into operations.

Considerations in IMTT's decision to trust this application to BEA WebLogic included hardware independence. IMTT needed a system that would meet its business requirements for high availability, yet would not be closely tied to any particular hardware or operating system. BEA WebLogic lets IMTT operate on Windows, Unix, or AS/400. Other considerations included scalability, technical and market leadership, and ease of development. As a result, IMTT was able to reuse much of the software it develops on BEA WebLogic Server to accelerate IT projects.

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