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Hoyer, Torwesten team up

Hamburg, Germany-based Hoyer and the transport company Torwesten, based in Essen, Germany, have established a cooperation for national and international beer transports.

Both partners are pooling their know-how in transporting beer via tank containers and road tanks. A total of 120 tank containers with a capacity of 246 to 294 hectoliters each, and 70 multi-compartment road tanks (210 to 280 hectoliters) will be managed by this cooperation. A network of stations and the largest trailer and container fleet for beer transports in Europe will be available to the target group, small- and medium-size breweries, but also global players in the brewing industry. Torwesten also contributes its own beer tank cleaning facilities in Germany to the cooperation.

The equipment includes a newly developed tank container with a capacity of up to 29.400 liters, designed by the Hoyer engineering department to meet the requirements of the brewing industry.

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