Hoyer tank container fleet hits 10,000 level

Hoyer, based in Hamburg, Germany, recently added the 10,000th tank container to its container fleet. Now the internationally operating transport and logistics company is managing one of the largest tank container fleets in Europe.

Hoyer provides logistics services for the chemical, mineral oil, gas, silo, and foodstuffs industry. The number of tank containers for temperature-controlled transports is increasing. A new series of carbon dioxide (CO2) containers is now in operation, made from high-grade steel, to comply with food industry requirements regarding assured product purity during CO2 transports, especially when it comes to beverages.

Complementing the CO2 cold transports are the so-called hot transports. Here, too, a number of special containers has been put into service this year, featuring a special heating system with a range of operating temperatures up to +200° C.

However, for most of the transports, standard containers with first-class insulation are used, with heat-insulating characteristics corresponding to those of the cold and hot containers.

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