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Hoyer boosts Dormagen storage capacity

Hamburg, Germany-based transport and logistics company Hoyer has opened the doors to extended storage and transhipment facilities for hazardous goods in the logistics center at the Dormagen chemical park.

With storage lots for 300 loaded 20-foot containers and 8.900 tons of hazardous goods, capacities have almost been doubled. This marks the end of construction work on the plant, which opened in 2002 after completion of the first stage.

The storage area is equipped with several steel-reinforced concrete beds, lined up one behind the other. Storage lots are divided by fireproof walls. Storage is feasible for products with temperatures up to 120° C. All lots are equipped with connections for hot-water, oil, or steam heating of containers.

Hoyer has permission for storage of classified dangerous goods (subject to GefStoffV), inflammable liquids (subject to VbF), material listed as a group or single item in amendment I. of the Ordinance Regulating Hazardous Goods, as well as goods classified in the Water Resources Management Law (WHG).

Dormagen facilities include fully automatic drum filling facilities and silo logistics, repair shops for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), trucks, and tank containers; an office building; recreation rooms; and the now-extended container depot with railroad siding.

The tank cleaning plant for efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning of road tankers, tank containers, and IBCs houses five under-the-roof stations for inside cleaning.

All facilities on the premises are open to all regional customers in the chemical, mineral oil, food, and gas industries. In addition, other forwarding companies can make use of all technical service facilities, such as tank cleaning.

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