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Hot stamping aids legibility of seal ID numbers

Security personnel responsible for the safe transport of truck, rail, air, and marine cargo rely on the corroboration of the security seal's unique identification number as assurance that the contents have not been stolen or tampered with since they were loaded. It is therefore imperative that that identification number on the seal be legible and permanent. Toward that end, the E J Brooks Co is offering, as a no-cost option, the hot-stamping of alphanumeric characters on its high-security, cable seals.

Serial numbers are imprinted on security seals and recorded on a bill of lading before the cargo's departure. Upon arrival, the receiving agent confirms that the seal's identification number matches the one on the BOL. If the number is illegible or questionable, it raises concerns about the cargo's integrity. Hot stamping of the sequential number and letters reduces the chance of recording and/or reading errors.

For full information, contact E J Brooks, 8 Microlab Rd, Livingston NJ 07039.

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