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HOS application works with OmniTRACS

Qualcomm Inc's hours of service application, an automated system for use with OmniTRACS, will be available to the trucking industry in summer 2005. The application uses the electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) embedded in the OmniTRACS system and complies with section 395.15 of United States Department of Transportation regulations governing use of EOBRs to document compliance with HOS regulations. This application also complies with the recently revised HOS regulations from the DOT.

As a web-based software service, the information is delivered to the dispatch system via a web interface or can be viewed online with a web browser. The automated record keeping system helps reduce costs by eliminating manual maintenance and processing of paper logs, as well as by mitigating driver violations and fines associated with non-compliance. In addition, the HOS application runs on the OmniTRACS platform, thereby minimizing upfront investment and driver training to deploy.

The HOS system features:

  • Automatic driving time detection using vehicle sensor data.

  • Web interface for review of driver status, availability, and reports

  • Up-to-date driver availability information for dispatch optimization through web services.

  • Automatic HOS reports for driver management and safety audits.

  • Near real-time notification to drivers and dispatch of impending or actual violations.

  • Support hotline available for roadside inspections 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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