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Hijackers attempt to grab a petroleum transport

An attempted hijacking of a petroleum transport on March 24 provided a shocking reminder that the US tank truck industry is vulnerable to a terrorist attack. There is no indication that this was a terrorist incident. High gasoline prices may have made the rig a target for theft.

The details of the incident, which occurred in Indiana, are as follows: The petroleum transport was southbound on State Road 37 running toward Bloomington when an attempt was made to force the driver to stop. The truck driver described the suspected hijackers as two white males, one of whom had a baldhead, goatee, and puffy face. They were in white GMC Yukon with no license plates and red and blue lights on the grille. Police said the lights were flashed in an effort to make the truck driver stop. In addition, the man in the passenger seat reportedly pointed a handgun toward the truck driver.

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