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Highway Transport gives drivers incentives

Effective Aug 7, 2006, Highway Transport Inc, which recently began paying drivers based on practical miles, announces another driver pay increase based on a driver's length of service.

Drivers previously got longevity pay increases after reaching five and 10 years of continuous service. The new pay scale rewards drivers by issuing pay raises more frequently — after completion of three, five, seven, and nine years of service.

With the new pay package, a system driver can generally expect to earn gross wages of $55,000-$60,000 annually and another $5,000 in accessorial pay. Regional drivers can expect to earn gross wages of $50,000-$53,000 annually from the new mileage scale and another $5,000 in accessorial pay.

The firm also offers free medical insurance for drivers after 15 consecutive years of service. According to company president Greg Watkins, "For every three consecutive years of tank truck driving, insurance rates get reduced by 20%. Ultimately, after 15 years of service, our drivers do not have to pay anything for their family health insurance.”

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