Highway Transport Bulk Delivery System Fills Tote Bins at D A Stuart Customer Sites

Highway Transport Inc, as part of its continuing partnership with D A Stuart Co, has developed a specialized bulk delivery system for filling tote bins at many of its customers' sites. The new system uses a single-compartment DOT407 stainless steel, insulated tank trailer manufactured by Stainless Tank and Equipment of Cottage Grove WI specifically for this application.

Besides the stainless steel exterior finish of the trailer and D A Stuart logos, ST&E has fabricated stainless steel cabinetry to enclose the on-board pump and remote control devices used in product delivery.

Drum Industries of Louisville KY supplied hydraulics to drive an SSC-150 stainless steel pump that can fill a 350-gallon tote bin in five to seven minutes, depending upon product viscosity.

For hard-to-reach, in-plant totes, Highway has installed a 150-foot, one-inch hose reel system. The hose reel rewind system is hydraulically driven to help the driver stow equipment after delivery. The driver controls both rewind system and pump operation with a handheld Sentinel remote control unit, also engineered by Drum. This allows the driver to operate the pump and unloading nozzle simultaneously to prevent spills or overfills.

The system was developed primarily to accommodate site-sensitive deliveries in D A Stuart's steel mill business segment.

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