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HazMat Planner makes spills less of a hassle

New from efleetmgmt inc, efleet HazMat Planner is a cost-effective tool for fleets and owner operators to control the administrative headache, time, and expense of dealing with hazardous material spills.

HazMat Planner is a Internet-based program for contingency planning, communication, and managing and reporting spills. Created by Spill Center in partnership with efleetmgmt, the service gives transporters, shippers, and other companies involved with hazardous materials 24/7 access to information and expertise needed to respond, report, and take care of releases anywhere. Through the service, a subscriber can get help before or after a hazmat spill, in setting up a program to handle hazardous materials, planning a response to an emergency, or dealing with an accident after it happens.

Under HazMat Planner, subscribers work with experts to create customized spill contingency and claims handling plans, report spills, locate cleanup contractors from a nationwide list of more than 3,000 contractors, and fill out regulatory reporting online. Subscribers can also view claims activities and audit invoices online. HazMat Planner also offers expertise for negotiating and settling claims.

Subscribers pay an annual fee or an hourly rate to cover after-hour services or for specific emergencies. When a spill occurs at any time, a user activates the plan by phoning the call center or going online at Automated systems track incidents, generate routine and customized reports, and analyze the root causes of an accidental release.

For more information, phone 540-399-1010.

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