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Hazmat inspection teams in all 50 states will receive shipment compliance software

State Sen Roger Madigan, chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee, has obtained compliance software for hazardous materials truck shipments, which he will deliver to all 50 United States hazmat inspection teams. These systems are being provided by RegScan Inc, a regulatory and compliance software development company based in Williamsport PA, to be distributed to law enforcement personnel free of charge to Madigan or the state agencies.

Under terms of the program, Madigan will provide each state with a software license to HazMat Loader software. RegScan has taken this step to help states improve hazmat transportation enforcement due to the high level of violations that occur. Each truck carrying hazardous materials is required to have visible placards on the truck trailer to identify the type of hazardous material it is carrying, as well as to segregate these materials from each other on the trailer. To illustrate the size and complexity of these regulations, the US Department of Transportation issued more than 140 pages of revisions in June 2001.

Madigan cited statistics from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration in 1999 that showed that 49% of all hazmat inspections uncovered safety violations on the trucks.

HazMat Loader reduces public risk by telling government workers, drivers, dockworkers, carriers, and shippers whether a load should be on the highways.

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