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HazMat compliance pocketbook updated

J J Keller & Associates Inc has a new edition of its Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook, updated to reflect the new HM-215D amendments to the Hazardous Materials Regulations. Compliance with most of the amendments becomes mandatory Oct 1, 2002.

Regulatory changes to the pocketbook include removal, addition, or modification of certain proper shipping names, hazard classes, and packing groups; removal of the distinction between primary and subsidiary risk labels and placards; and revision of intermediate bulk container requirements.

The pocketbook is designed as a reference for truck drivers and others who handle or transport hazardous materials. It covers identifying hazmat shipments, placarding, loading/unloading, and transport. The pocketbook also includes the HazMat Table, along with Appendices A and B and special provisions.

Keller's HM-215D version of the pocketbook is available for $2.50 per copy by phoning 800-327-6868. Callers should reference Action Code 01309 when ordering.

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