HawkEye 5300 tracking device switches between GSM, Iridium satellite networks

Blue Sky Network introduces the HawkEye 5300, a dual-mode tracking device leveraging both GSM and Iridium satellite capabilities. The HawkEye 5300 offers two-way real-time communication that automatically and seamlessly switches between Iridium and quad-band GSM networks. This provides land fleet operators lower monthly tracking costs and 100% global visibility and safety when most needed.

Leveraging the Iridium satellite network, the HawkEye 5300 provides uninterrupted tracking even in remote regions, ensuring safety for long-distance trucking, dangerous remote routes, and high-security operations, such as high-value or hazardous cargo. It also offers instant notification of vehicle operation after hours or in unsafe zones, and remote Internet-based fleet monitoring. Blue Sky Network's relationship with GSM service providers ensures cost-effective fleet tracking and communications anywhere GSM services are available.

The HawkEye 5300 is part of Blue Sky Network's new series of real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring systems designed to provide more than just GPS location. All HawkEye series devices have an optional LCD touch-screen display, which provides two-way text communication with the device anywhere in the world. The HawkEye 5200 offers Iridium-only connectivity and is targeted for vehicles that regularly require anywhere/anytime fleet tracking. The HawkEye 5100 allows true remote monitoring and control anywhere there is comprehensive GSM/GPRS cellular coverage. Fleet operators can mix and match HawkEye devices to best meet their needs since the features are common to all HawkEye devices.

Visit www.blueskynetwork.com/Products/HawkEye5300.php for more information.

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