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Handheld electrical tester tackles many jobs

Snap-on Tools Co has introduced the new Multi-Probe (CT3000KT), a handheld tool that tests and troubleshoots various electrical systems. The unit operates on DC systems ranging from 6 to 48 volts.

Multi-Probe has a range of applications, such as powering electronic devices for short durations to ensure functionality. The unit tests continuity of electrical circuits to guarantee they are operational and properly functioning. Multi-Probe also tests and identifies correct wiring polarity. The LED light and audible tone indicate positive, negative, or ground polarity.

The power control module operates low-voltage electronic switches and isolates the user from high-power components. Other features help prevent injury to the technician and damage to electrical components. An audible alarm sounds and shut down switch activates when the unit exceeds electrical current or temperature limits. Recessed membrane-covered switches prevent accidental “power up” and conserve energy.

Multi-Probe is powered by either the vehicle's battery or cigarette lighter adapter. A 20-foot extension cord offers sufficient reach for operators to move around a vehicle in service.

Constructed of a solvent-resistant, high-impact ABS plastic exterior, the unit successfully performs in an active shop environment and provides durability. Battery clamps are made of corrosion-resistant copper. For complete details, contact Snap-on, PO Box 1410, Kenosha WI 53141-1410.

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