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Haldex technology improves braking

With 75 years experience in producing Grey-Rock, Haldex has improved on its formula, and introduces Haldex Friction with Cross-Link Technology.

Haldex engineers have found a way to improve braking performance through the use of polymer chemistry in this fiber coating process called Cross-Link Technology. The technology has now been formulated into the new 3000 Series — Haldex Friction products. The fiber coating process — the same type of technology specified for products used by NASA and the United States Department of Defense — links more adhesive resin to the fiber. This results in a more complete bonding of resin and fiber. The characteristic spot pattern created during coupling makes Cross-Link Technology easy to recognize.

Brake blocks manufactured using conventional technologies require excessive amounts of abrasive fibers to equal the strength of the new Cross-Link Technology. Cross-link technology, however, optimizes the bonding of key ingredients to the fibers, allowing for more friction modifiers and life-extending ingredients for enhanced lining life and superior friction stability. Since abrasive fiber content is a major contributor to brake drum wear, Cross-Link Technology reduces the need for abrasive fibers.

Haldex continues to produce its traditional Grey-Rock formulas under the 2000 Series — Haldex Friction name. The 2000 Series consists of old Grey-Rock favorites. The company also provides various product formulations, many found in TMC's RP628 list, and each targeted to a specific application.

For more details, contact Haldex, 10707 NW Airworld Dr, Kansas City MO 64153-1215.

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