Haldex, Master confirm Brazil partnership for trailer ABS

Haldex and Master Sistemas Automotivos Limitada confirm the closing of a long-term collaboration contract. The partnership includes manufacturing, sales, and technical support of commercial vehicle trailer anti-lock systems for pneumatic brakes (trailer ABS). Haldex estimates total sales resulting from this agreement amount to more than 300 MSEK (million Swedish kroner) during the initial five-year period.

New legislation will be introduced in 2013 requiring all new trailers in Brazil to be equipped with ABS systems. The legislation will be fully implemented by 2014. Annual trailer production volume for the Brazilian market amounts to about 60,000 vehicles.

Haldex and Master have been cooperating successfully during the period since the letter of intent was signed in December 2011.

“Through this partnership we will provide support for the new legislation requirements,” said Paul Bale, Haldex senior vice-president, business development. “This is also confirming our decision to restructure our previous three site operations in Brazil to achieve a more efficient cost base with a new modern site in São José dos Campos (close to São Paulo) which was inaugurated in February this year.”

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