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GS AgriFuels/Fulton Biodiesel to construct biodiesel plant

GS AgriFuels Corp has executed an agreement with a subsidiary of Homeland Energy Biofuels, LLC (Homeland Energy) to form GS Fulton Biodiesel LLC (GS Fulton Biodiesel) to construct a 10-million-gallon per year biodiesel plant at the former Miller Brewing Company plant in Fulton NY.

Homeland Energy, the lead developer in the project, has managed the feedstock, offtake, and other technical and business aspects of the project over the past year and had selected NextGen Fuel Inc.'s proprietary biodiesel production equipment as the production technology for the project.

The biodiesel plant will be immediately adjacent to a 110-million gallon per year ethanol facility being constructed by Northeast Biofuels at the Riverview Business Park. GS Fulton Biodiesel plans to re-utilize a significant amount of existing brewery site infrastructure, including a building, roads, utilities and some of the existing storage tanks.

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