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Grease hard-to-reach points on trailers easily

Bijur Lubrication Corp is providing its ChassisCare SureShot centralized lubrication system for trailers. The product will be assembled and shipped from Bijur's plant in Kinston NC.

The ChassisCare SureShot system provides owner/operators and fleet managers a quick way to lubricate cam shafts and slack adjusters; no more crawling under trailers to locate hard-to-reach zerk fittings. Just walk up to the distribution block, which is on the trailer frame, and insert a manual grease gun and lubricate all points on the trailer. A task that would normally take up to a half hour only takes two to three minutes with ChassisCare SureShot.

Key features of the system include:

  • Robust distribution block allows lubrication for three to 12 points on a trailer.

  • Compression fittings assure secure tubing connections.

  • Variety of zerk fittings for distribution block provides greater flexibility for installation.

  • Kit packaging with everything needed to get started.

  • Sturdy tubing prefilled with NLGI #2-approved trailer chassis grease.

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