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Gentenaar Uses Closed Recovery System

The wash rack operated by the Gentenaar Group in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, cleans 130 units per day, said Willem Barends, president of CargoTank USA Inc, Gentenaar's United States division.

He described the $8-million European facility to industry representatives at the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) tank cleaning seminar April 6-7 in Nashville, Tennessee. Spinners with cones designed for a universal fit are electrically driven.

The high-pressure/low-volume system handles 150 gallons of water per tank cleaning. Solvents and detergents are injected separately in a procedure that is common in Europe. Automatic pumps control the flow for solvents, which aids in correct billing to customers. Most tanks dry after a final shot of steam. Tank containers are purged with hot nitrogen or are dried with hot air.

The closed-loop air filtration system in the cleaning bays captures and removes vapors for treatment and disposal. A gas scrubber is installed on the air exhaust.

Wastewater goes through a multiphase treatment process, including chemical pretreatment and oil separation. Flocculants are added and sludge is collected by a vacuum filter.

Processed wastewater is released to a public treatment plant, and cake residue is incinerated.

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