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GAO confirms Mexican truck safety lacking

The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) agrees with what the Teamsters have been saying for months: Mexican truck safety isn't up to US standards. The study was requested by Democratic members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

“The Teamsters have consistently said that the problem with Mexican cross-border trucking is twofold,” said James P Hoffa, Teamsters general president. “First, that the US lacked the sufficient inspection resources at the border to ensure the safety of the American traveling public. Second, that Mexico lacks adequate standards and enforcement to ensure the safety of its own trucking system. This report clearly shows why the Murray-Shelby safety provisions in the DOT (Department of Transportation) appropriation bill were needed.”

According to the GAO, “Though some progress has been made, there is continued uncertainty about the extent to which Mexican commercial trucks meet US safety standards.” The report's findings include:

  • The DOT does not have an operational plan to ensure the safety of Mexican trucks.

  • There are no permanent inspection facilities at 23 of 25 Southwest border crossings.

  • Mexico's commercial driver license database covers less than one-quarter of its estimated 300,000 commercial drivers.

The GAO suggested that the DOT develop and implement a coordinated operational safety plan at the Southwest border.

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