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Full-power braking standard on Internationals

A new full-power hydraulic brake system with antilock brakes is now standard for International RXT, 3200, 4200 4×4, and 4000 Series 4×2 models (except the mid-cab tractor).

With this full-power braking system, supplied by Meritor WABCO, International is delivering the first electronic brake force distribution (EBD) as a standard feature. The EBD proportions brake force relative to axle load conditions, providing balanced braking under various load conditions.

The master cylinder acts only to send signal pressure to a control valve. In response to this signal pressure, fluid from the accumulators is sent to the brake calipers for stopping the vehicle. As a result, the master cylinder does not have to stroke as far, resulting in a better pedal feel.

This brake system also provides two new options: automatic traction control (ATC) and a powered parking brake.

The ATC works at low-speed conditions to send brake pressure to wheels that are spinning to provide better traction. When both wheels are spinning at low speeds, ATC commands the engine to provide the appropriate level of power while sending braking pressure to the spinning wheels. When sensors detect spinning wheels above 30 mph, the ATC begins initiating “engine management”, which backs off engine power and does not apply braking pressure.

Powered parking, available as an option on medium-duty trucks with full power, will use the Spring-Apply Air-Release (SAAR) parking brake chamber. This chamber includes stroke indication, which identifies any damage or out-of-adjustment conditions with the parking brake. A service park brake indicator lamp on the dash will be lit should any such out-of-adjustment conditions be identified.

More information about the brake system is available at

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