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FTSC creates security awareness program

Freight Transportation Security Consortium (FTSC) members have created a program to raise awareness among North America's truckers, shippers, insurance companies, and public safety agencies about the effectiveness of modern asset tracking technology and related security services. Over 25 FTSC member companies have agreed to provide free trials and tests of their security devices, systems, and services to operators of for-hire, private, and government truck fleets with security concerns. The focus is on haulers of hazardous materials, international containers, and foodstuffs, as well as emergency response vehicle fleets.

FTSC member companies offer a wide variety of security devices and services including asset tracking, onboard computers, wireless GPS, remote vehicle control, biometric driver ID, event remediation, and emergency dispatch.

“There’s been a misperception that new truck security technologies such as GPS wireless location devices are too new, too expensive or just too darn complicated for the average fleet operator” says FTSC director Drew Robertson. “We hope these trials will prove to them and the government that this technology works today, it's affordable and it will help ensure safer and more secure highways".

"Thanks to the trucking industry’s recent security initiatives, we will soon have millions of truck drivers trained to detect security and safety problems on our highways” Robertson says. “But it won't help if a trucker spots something dangerous but can't get the message to the right person who can take the appropriate emergency action. While hundreds of thousands of trucks have been wired with modern tracking devices over the last decade, millions of other trucks don't have modern location and communications units on board. We believe FTSC's trial program will give many truckers the communications tools they need to become an effective part of our country's response to terrorism."

To apply for the trial program, qualified fleet operators can call FTSC at (212) 297-6226 or contact participating members to learn of the details of their specific trial programs. A list of participating members can be found at the FTSC Web site.

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