Freightliner offers high-visibility seat belts

Freightliner Trucks announced the availability of high-visibility seat belts as a factory-installed option on the Cascadia, Columbia, Century Class S/T, and M2.

Manufactured by LifeGuard Technologies, the bright orange high-visibility seat belts include comfort features such as Komfort Latch, which reduces seat belt irritation by relieving tension so the belt doesn't rub the driver's shoulder while driving; and the Sliding Komfort Latch, which automates the process of relieving seat belt tension while safely setting the seat belt's slack to approximately one inch.

The Click, Tug & Snug driver safety campaign developed by LifeGuard Technologies aims to increase driver awareness of proper seat belt usage, with specific instructions on how to make the seat belt more comfortable.

Freightliner Trucks customers can request a free training kit by visiting

Access for more details.

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