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FleetSmart, SmartWay partnership forms

A signing ceremony was held in Detroit MI recently to announce an agreement between Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The agencies will partner on two of their key, respective programs aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions in the trucking industry.

The two organizations have unique but complementary approaches. NRCan's FleetSmart program is an educational and training-based initiative that focuses on fuel-efficient driver behavior. EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership emphasizes the use of innovative technology and shipper involvement.

More than 10% of SmartWay carrier participants are already CTA members with Canada-based operations, thanks to CTA's promotional efforts.

NRCan and the EPA will initially coordinate numerous cross-border emissions projects, including engine-idling reduction from trucks crossing the Canada — US border, joint clean-technology promotions and demonstrations, and truck driver training and awareness programs.

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