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Fleets can obtain tire/wheel safety training

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has introduced a specialized series of programs designed to provide truck tire and wheel safety training for fleets. There are three facets to the series, each offering maintenance personnel opportunities to learn about federal regulations, industry standards, and manufacturer guidelines for servicing tire and wheel assemblies.

TIA's new Fleet Truck Tire Training Guide outlines the content and structure of each program, including:

  • “Fleet Tire Service OSHA Compliance Training” that meets the minimum OSHA training requirements for any employee that handles inflated assemblies and can be conducted in any facility.

  • “Custom Fleet Tire Training” that allows the fleet to combine classroom instruction and hands-on training in the maintenance facility for commercial and off-the-road tire service.

  • “Truck Tire Training Tour” that consists of one-day classroom seminars for experienced technicians conducted around the nation, and includes TIA certification if the student successfully completes the group's CTS certification exam.

For a copy of the Fleet Truck Tire Training Guide, phone 800-426-8835 or 502-968-8900, e-mail [email protected], or access A complete schedule of the “Truck Tire Training Tour” is also posted online.

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