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FleetPride forms heavy-duty service network

FleetPride, an independent heavy-duty truck parts distributor, has launched FleetCare Truck Service Center, a new network of independent heavy-duty truck repair providers.

This network will consist of affiliated, independently owned, heavy-duty repair shops. The 21 FleetPride-owned service centers across the nation also will adopt the FleetCare Truck Service Center name.

Customer awareness of the FleetCare network will be built by advertising support in national publications, a shop identity program, and promotional programs designed for local implementation. The shops are also listed on the FleetPride web site, in a printed locator directory available at each location, and referrals from a toll-free 24/7 locator phone number.

FleetCare intends to assure the latest in product knowledge and repair techniques for all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Shops will receive training and technical support from FleetPride programs. These include a mobile tech trailer specializing in air brake repair, and preferred registration at vendor-sponsored training clinics on all other critical vehicle components.

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