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Five states begin Intelli-Check tests for fake out-of-state driver licenses

Five states have begun tests using Intelli-Check Inc units to screen for fake out-of-state driver licenses that might be offered in exchange for those issued by their own jurisdictions, according to Intelli-Check information. The states include New York, Texas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Iowa will begin testing the unit at weigh stations to determine whether drivers of vehicles passing through the inspection facilities have valid licenses.

“In addition to validating the authenticity of US driver licenses, our ID-CHECK units also are capable of validating the authenticity of Canadian and certain other foreign driver licenses, state and government-issued IDs, and military identification cards from more than 50 jurisdictions that comply with the standards of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO),” said Frank Mandelbaum, Intelli-Check president and chief executive officer.

ID-CHECK units now authenticate the validity of driver licenses and state issued IDs from five additional states — North Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, Idaho, and Washington. With the latest additions, ID-CHECK is capable of reading all currently encoded and compliant driver licenses from a total of 39 states, plus the District of Columbia. These jurisdictions account for more than 85% of all issued licenses in the country, according to Mandelbaum. The majority of the remaining non-encoded states are in the process of encoding their licenses.

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