FedEx driver wins Goodyear Highway Hero award

Goodyear's 24th North America Highway Hero Edward A Regener of Perris CA escaped one fire and jumped into another to save the lives of two men trapped in their burning car.

Regener, a 13-year veteran truck driver, was named the 2006 Highway Hero. His quick thinking on November 4, 2006, on Interstate 10 near Phoenix AZ, saved his life and the lives of two men also involved in the accident.

Regener, the second FedEx driver selected for the top award, also received a $10,000 US Savings Bond and a specially designed Goodyear Highway Hero ring. Charles Ingram, a Jackson, Ga., driver for FedEx Ground, was named the 2002 North America Highway Hero.

Founded by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in 1983, the Highway Hero program recognizes professional truck drivers and the often unnoticed, life- saving rescues and roadside assistance they provide as their jobs take them across North America.

Other award finalists included: Elizabeth Pavlista, B J Cecil Trucking; Richard Miner, Saia Motor Freight; and Marlon Marum, Con-way Freight.

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