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Familiarity with rules essential for carrier operations

IF CARRIERS learn that federal agencies are proposing new regulations that may need to be curbed because of industry concerns, the time to contact the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) for action is before further bureaucratic steps are taken.

“Tell us early on,” said John Conley, NTTC president. “Once a final rule is written, the horse is pretty much out of the barn.”

He and John Cannon of Brenner Tank LLC discussed the regulatory process at the NTTC Cargo Tank Maintenance Seminar. In addition to staying current with rule proposals, being familiar with all tank truck regulations is essential to operating a trucking operation.

Conley noted that agencies will publish information in the Federal Register, listing it as notice of proposed rulemaking, proposed rulemaking, and final rule. “When it's at the proposed rulemaking stage, that is the time to begin the questioning,” Conley said.

Cannon advised carriers to be particularly cognizant of rules pertaining to Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). He listed required reading as:

  • Part 107, hazardous materials (hazmat) program procedures.

  • Part 172, hazmat tables and training, including security.

  • Part 173, applies to shippers, including hazmat loading requirements.

  • Part 180, definition of hazmat; requirements for preparing hazmat for shipment, and inspection; testing, and retesting responsibilities for persons who retest, recondition, maintain, repair and rebuild containers used or intended for use in the transportation of hazmat.

  • Part 180, requirements pertaining to the maintenance, reconditioning, repair, inspection and testing of packaging, and any other function having an effect on the continuing qualification and use of a hazmat packaging.

  • Part 393, vehicle equipment requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

  • Part 396, FMCSA-required vehicle inspections and maintenance.

  • Part 571, FMCSA-required vehicle and equipment safety standards, which includes lighting.

More information about regulations can be accessed at Information about rules published in the Federal Register can be found on the Internet at and click “online federal information.” The Federal Register is listed in the Resource By Branch box.

On the Web site, carriers can sign up to receive the daily Federal Register table of contents via e-mail; find, review, and submit comments on the rules that are open for comment and published; and purchase a subscription to the printed edition.

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