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ExxonMobil diesel engine oils meet Cat ECF-1 spec

ExxonMobil has announced that three of its diesel engine oils — Exxon XD-3, Exxon XD-3 Elite, and Mobil Delvac 1300 Super — all have met Caterpillar's ECF-1 (engine crankcase fluid) specification, a new standard developed to ensure optimum life and performance of Cat engines.

Created to help Cat engines meet 2002 emission regulations, lubricants meeting ECF-1 specs provide superior soot dispersion, wear control, and piston deposit control.

To meet ECF-1, lubricants must have API CI-4 or CH-4 certification, and pass a Cat 1P SCOTE test (ASTM D6681). Lubricants that have a sulfated ash content less than or equal to 1.30 weight percent as measured by ASTM D0874 need to pass the Cat 1P test once, while those with a sulfated ash content above 1.30 weight percent and below 1.50 weight percent must pass the Cat 1P SCOTE test twice. Lubricants with a sulfated ash level above 1.50 weight percent are not eligible for ECF-1 certification.

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