EVT-300 adds option of tamper detection

Eaton VORAD Safety Systems has added a tamper detection option to its EVT-300 collision warning system. The tamper detection option is powered by Qualcomm Inc and will provide fleets with real-time notification of any vehicle tampering.

This tamper detection notifies the fleet dispatch center in real-time anytime tampering has occurred within the system. Tampering with system subunits, including the CPU, also can be detected. When tampering is detected, a message is sent from the truck over the Qualcomm OmniTRACS system to the fleet dispatch center. The fleet dispatch center's computer uses Qualcomm's JTRACS Pro/400 v2.3 software to set up an alert screen that provides notification of the tampering. JTRACS Pro is an optional application available with OmniTRACS.

The EVT-300 collision warning system includes both forward and side-looking radar sensors operating at 24.725 GHz. The forward-looking radar detects objects and vehicles in the intended path of the vehicle, and the side sensor detects objects and vehicles in the adjacent lane. In-cab display units with a series of warning lights and audible tones are used to warn the driver of these objects and vehicles and give him added time to take action.

Other functions available with the EVT-300 system include SmartCruise (radar adaptive cruise control), trip recorder, and accident reconstruction capability.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

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