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Evolution benefits petroleum hauling

Tank trailer manufacturer Heil Trailer International will be unveiling the Evolution, a new lightweight evolutionary development in tanker design.

This new lightweight semitrailer with 43,000-liter capacity has been designed to meet the increasing demands of the oil industry. With an unloaded weight of below 5,100 kg and an increased payload, the new Evolution tanker will reduce the cost of transporting petroleum.

Evolution will be a 43,000-liter, six-compartment tank with Gardner Denver tank equipment, and finished in JW Suckling Transport Tankshare livery. The tank will be coupled to a DAF tractor unit.

Heil has successfully evolved components from the existing design, resulting in the creation of the Evolution tank achieved using standard tank fitting and discharge equipment.

Design of the Evolution tank allows for complete discharge of the entire product as recommended by the IP guidelines without the use of sumps or lifting the suspension.

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