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EIRAC created to address intermodal issues

The European Intermodal Research Advisory Council (EIRAC), composed of more than 50 key players from intermodal businesses, was launched May 3, 2005, at a roundtable meeting in the Brussels (Belgium) Hotel Metropole.

An advisory body to the European Commission, EIRAC reflects all sectors of the intermodal industry: intermodal rail and road operators, terminal operators, logistic freight integrators, short sea shipping operators, ports, terminal handling, freight villages, and ICT equipment suppliers. A few selected academics have also been invited.

EIRAC's mission is to determine the vision, scope, and content of the Strategic Intermodal Research Agenda 2020 for Intermodal Transport as a step toward creation of a coordinated intermodal research strategy for Europe. EIRAC will focus on achieving interoperability between modes with a view to the creation of a single European logistic system in line with the objectives set out in the White Paper on Common Transport Policy. EIRAC will also establish a business scenario for implementation.

Wando Boeve, member of the board of directors of ECT (Europe Container Terminals), was appointed chairman of the EIRAC plenary; Benoit Passard, vice-president-marketing and communication of KALMAR Industries, was appointed vice-chairman.

For further information, phone +39 010 3628148, fax +39 010 3621078, or e-mail [email protected].

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