EcoVaults End Confined-Space Inspections

Smith Tank & Equipment Co offers EcoVault tanks that bear Underwriter's Laboratories listings of UL 2085/ULC 5-655 for storing flammable products aboveground. EcoVault tanks can also be located at/below-grade per UL 2245. Unlike older designs, confined-space entry inspections of the primary tank are never required.

EcoVault tanks consist of a cylindrical primary tank, typically a UL/ULC-listed steel or stainless steel tank, encased in a two-section 6"-thick concrete vault. The two-section vault provides secondary containment per UFC and NFPA guidelines, and permits inspection, repair, or replacement of the primary tank. These tanks can house non-conventional tanks such as poly or fiberglass.

EcoVaults come in sizes from 300 to 12,000 gallons with several exterior finishes available. Features include multiple compartments; linings; poly, fiberglass, or stainless steel primary tanks; double-wall primary tanks; and factory-installed fill/dispensing systems. For additional information, contact Smith, PO Box 2014, Tyler TX 75710-2014.

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