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Eaton takes VORAD to a Higher Safety Level

Eaton Corp has introduced its new VORAD VS-400 safety system, which is available on a limited basis beginning in April 2007 with full production availability in June 2007. The system will let customers select and purchase any one or all of the safety-related VORAD offerings. These include a standard collision warning system with forward-looking radar, Blindspotter side sensor, and SmartCruise adaptive cruise control.

The extraction and real-time wireless transfer of data (such as following distance) is now provided through a subscription to the safety package of Eaton's Fleet Resource Manager, powered by @Road, a web-based mobile resource management tool. The launch also includes the introduction of a new 77-GHz radar and a new driver interface unit.

Additional VORAD offerings may be purchased separately or together as one package, and do not require a subscription to Fleet Resource Manager.

Access for more details.

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