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Eaton, Preco to offer side object detection

Eaton VORAD Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of Eaton Corp, will partner with Preco Electronics of Boise ID to offer a stand-alone side object detection system. The side sensor will be added to Eaton's current VORAD safety product line.

This new side sensor is a compact, cost-effective, radar-based object detection system that can be used on commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and buses. Preco has given Eaton worldwide exclusivity for on-road use of the side sensor unit under the Eaton VORAD name.

The Eaton VORAD EVT-300 Collision Warning System, part of the Roadranger System of drivetrain components, includes both forward and side radar sensors that detect objects and vehicles. In-cab display units with a series of warning lights and audible tones are used to warn the driver of the presence of these objects and vehicles. These warnings give the driver added time to take action to avoid a collision.

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