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Eaton helps IdleAire cut emissions

Eaton Corp has received a $65 million contract from IdleAire Technologies Corp for a system that eliminates most diesel truck idling at truck stops.

A key component of IdleAire's ATE Advanced Travel Center Electrification system, Eaton's Power Truss system will be deployed at 210 truck stops and fleet terminals nationwide during the next 12 months. IdleAire's system equips long-haul drivers with substitute power so they can turn off their diesel engines during rest stops, reducing and virtually eliminating idling emissions. IdleAire said a truck using its system consistently for one year could save 3,366 gallons of fuel. The benefits of this technology increase exponentially when all long-haul trucks use the system, IdleAire said, resulting in a potential savings of 4.4 billion gallons each year.

The IdleAire system also delivers filtered in-cab heating and air-conditioning, and power for communications, Internet, television, and training.

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