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DVEC offers programmable power distribution

Bussmann Automotive Products, a division of Cooper Industries, has introduced its programmable Series 3200 Dual Vehicle Electrical Center (DVEC). The new DVEC enables the user to use complex circuit distribution with twice the component capacity of the existing Series 3100 VEC. The enclosed compact case includes a quick-turn locking cover to protect the available 64 connections.

The space-saving DVEC eliminates hard wiring connections from the distribution box to the wire harness. With the VEC, connections are made through external plug-in keyed connectors. Designed to meet any requirement, eight 280 Series eight-way, Metri-Pack color-coded connectors are offered: four each on one side and two each on the ends. Two two-pole input 800 Series Metri-Pack connectors are on the rear of the module. Connectors snap in and out instantly. Also provided is a new studded input version, using up to four M8 studs.

Uniform component terminal spacing accepts standard 2.8-mm-wide terminal blades for all component connections. Top connector points are arranged in 8.0-mm spacing to accept standard components, including mini fuses, mini circuit breakers, diodes, flashers, and/or mini or micro relays.

With component density up to 64 devices, the compact DVEC is suitable for distributed power applications. It is modular and can handle larger and more complex distribution systems. Typical prototype samples can be generated for approval in four to six weeks, future revisions in two to four weeks.

For more information, contact Cooper Bussmann, 175 Hansen Court, Wood Dale IL 60191-1145.

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