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Dupr receives FuelQuest award

FuelQuest has presented its 2006 Innovator Award to Dupre Transport. This award recognizes contributions to the further innovation and use of downstream energy supply chain and tax automation systems.

FuelQuest has been collaborating with its customers and the industry's common carriers to help drive costs out of the motor fuel supply chain. Dupre was the first carrier to respond with action. With the full support of all of Dupre's management, Devin St Germain led the firm's technical effort to turn a concept into reality.

Dupre and FuelQuest integrated Dupre's billing system with FuelQuest's supply chain management system, FMS. The two systems exchange BOL, delivery, and freight invoice information through a PCATS-NAXML document, the Delivery Report Interface. Benefits of this integration are lower administrative costs, increased accuracy, faster delivery to payment time, and reduced data entry effort.

Using PCATS-NAXML standards, Dupre ironed out all of the critical implementation issues that arise from turning a robust standard into working integration.

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