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Dupré Logistics inaugurates upgraded Channelview terminal

Dupré Logistics inaugurates upgraded Channelview terminal

Dupre image A BOOMING oilfield activity was a key reason for the recently completed renovation of the Dupré Logistics LLC terminal in Channelview, Texas. The tank truck carrier manages its steadily growing oilfield fleet operation from the terminal.

Dupre image BDupré Logistics LLC showed off its extensively renovated Channelview TX terminal with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and barbeque on December 7, 2012. This is now the largest terminal in the Dupré system.

Facility improvements include a new 10,442-sq-ft office building with meeting and training rooms that can be partitioned off to accommodate various sized groups. The building was designed to enable the quick addition of another 3,000 square feet to handle anticipate growth. The existing maintenance shop was upgraded.

Dupre image C“This terminal expansion has been in the works for a couple of years now,” says Tom Voelkel, president and chief operating officer of Dupré Logistics. “We've had property here for about seven years, and we gradually built it up. With this facility renovation, we wanted to make a statement that we are going to grow in the Houston (Texas) region. We believe we will double the size of the Houston operation over the next three to five years.

We have combined our key business groups here, something we are doing wherever it makes sense. We are blending the operations to encourage cross-selling. We're giving managers experience with all sides of our business.”

The 14.1-acre Channelview site is an operations and maintenance hub for Dupré Logistic's Crude Oil Services, Energy Distribution Services, Site & Private Fleet Services, and Strategic Capacity Services. ♦

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