Dual-Face Lamp Bracket Brings Flexibility

Truck-Lite Co Inc's Model 15 dual-face lamp bracket is designed for installation on utility trailers or fender-mount trailers and meets DOT requirements for clearance/marker lamps. Constructed from high-impact and chemical-resistant black ABS material, the Model 15 bracket is a direct replacement for existing polypropylene brackets.

The Model 15 bracket design features snap-lock tabs for lamp mounting. By incorporating a dual PL-10 pigtail assembly, both lamps receive a solid and moisture-proof connection. The wire cover simplifies wire routing and can be modified in length by using pre-formed 1/2"-increment notches. Available are Model 15 sealed incandescent lamps designed for 14 volts, .33 amps; or long-life Model 15 LED lamps designed for 14 volts, .05 amps.

The Model 15 dual-face bracket is offered in a left- or right hand kit that includes the bracket, one red or one yellow Model 15 clearance marker lamp, and a dual PL-10 pigtail assembly. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

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