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DriveMaster Reman cools at a lower cost

Horton Inc's DriveMaster Reman spring-engaged fan drive is remanufactured with Horton parts and engineering.

DriveMaster Reman is spring-engaged/air-disengaged for reliability, maximum cooling, and fuel economy. The remanufactured product is designed to turn fans as big as 32", and is equipped with a long-wear friction surface, compression springs, low-friction bearings, and a maintenance-free liner. It features DriveMaster's high-torque capability and lightweight design. Remanufactured Horton fan drives come with a warranty and are rigorously tested.

Horton has released 21 DriveMaster Reman Fan Drive models. Ten of these models fit the most popular OEM applications for DriveMaster fan drives. The other 11 DriveMaster Reman models are drop-in replacements for common competitive fan drives and are compatible with existing solenoids and fans.

For complete details, contact Horton, 2565 Walnut St, Roseville MN 55113.

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