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Draeger X-plores adding respirator comfort

Draeger Safety Inc introduces a series of X-plore masks and filter respirators offering comfort and protection from hazardous compounds. The lightweight masks use new materials, and the new design provides a comfortable face-seal. An X-guided strap ensures an even distribution of the mask against the face giving the wearer extra comfort, without unwanted pressure on the face or pulling of the hair.

The X-plore series of masks include two half-mask respirators and one full-mask respirator with NIOSH-approved filters and cartridges.

Designed for limited-use work environments, the X-plore 3300 half-mask cartridge respirator has a Flexi-Fit harness system. This provides comfort when wearing head protection and will fit underneath a hardhat.

The X-plore 3500 half-mask cartridge respirator employs Draeger-Flex material that is hypoallergenic, giving the wearer a soft and comfortable seal without skin irritation.

A full face mask, the X-plore 5500 has a triple-sealing edge, meaning that this one mask has three sizes. The X-plore 5500 makes selection and use of this respirator easier since anyone can wear the same mask.

For full details, contact Draeger, 101 Technology Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15275-1057.

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