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Doran, SafetyTrax integration project helps fleets to reduce tire repair costs

Doran has successfully completed a collaborative integration project with SafetyTrax AVL to provide fleets with a dynamic web-based software application that provides real-time updates for global position and vehicle tracking indicators along with tire pressures and temperatures for every vehicle in a fleet.

Jim Samocki, Doran's general manager, said, “The integration between Doran and SafetyTrax, provides a customized, fleet-specific website that offers at-a-glance functionality to view the current GPS location, speed and tire pressures/temperatures in real time for any vehicle in a fleet.”

In addition to the “live look-in” map view, the system also can send e-mails or text messages with tire pressure alerts to provide additional visibility and minimize dependence upon drivers to address low tire pressure warnings.

A TPMS current status report can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly that will show every current tire pressure and highlight specific tires with low pressures.

The Doran 360 tire pressure monitoring systems are designed for fleets of all sizes and equipment configurations, including drop-and-hook operations. Installation can be achieved without any special tools in less than an hour.

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