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Donaldson provides smaller air cleaners

Manufacturers of small- to medium-duty off-road diesel engines can now obtain a more compact and cost-effective air cleaner filtration system, without sacrificing effectiveness, using a new product line from Donaldson Co Inc. Bridging the gap for smaller, yet full-featured air cleaners, the new FKB-Series product line from Donaldson is smaller than equivalent products but delivers equal performance.

The FKB-Series air cleaner effectively reduces contaminants flowing into the air intake system, providing a high level of engine protection and increasing engine performance and fuel efficiency.

This air cleaner's plastic housing and durable construction tolerates all types of off-road operating environments. The two smallest air cleaners of FKB-Series are ideal for off-road equipment operating in medium-dust conditions with engine airflow ranges between 35 and 400 cfm.

Air cleaners are provided in 4" and 5" models, with 6" and 8" models available later. They are designed primarily for engines used in small construction, industrial equipment, and medium-duty applications. Larger air cleaner sizes, including the 10" 12", and 14" models under development, are best suited for large off-road equipment and agriculture markets.

Contact Donaldson, Bloomington MN 55431-2370 for details.

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